Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hitch-hiking in Ruta 40

If you followed my previous post, I am just about to leave Cafayate, going further north to Salta. There are two ways to do that. One is to take the bus and just go to Salta in less than 3 hours :)))

That's how to get to Salta if you are in a hurry....

The other, is a bit more complicated since bus services do not get you to Salta. They get you via Ruta 40 to Angastaco, a village about 40km from Cafayate and are on your own. Nada !! This a very remote place and villages count from 5 to maybe 100 people. Don Jorge from Cafayate said (or at least that's what I understood) that I could reach Angastaco and then hitch-hike to Cachi, which was the town that bus service resumes and I could go to Salta....hmmm.

The tricky part....just shy of 70km

Surprisingly there was a tourist office in Angastaco... just for myself apparently, as I was the only tourist there :)) Wasn't expecting much of an answer, but nevertheless I asked how I could get to Cachi. The boy there, kind of smiled and said "No bus senior". Haha....I smiled back. So far so good with Don Jorge's plan. Now I had to find a hitch-hike...
An otherwise very nice guy offered to get me to Molinos (not even Cachi) for 150 pesos (approx. 25-30 units in european money). Nahhh !!!

I was standing at the central plaza of the village fully loaded with my backpack staring at the absence of everyone. It was afternoon already and apparently they was sleeping. So, I headed towards the gas station hoping that someone would stop to fill their tank and possibly would be willing to take me a bit further.
At that point, I have to admit, I was very very lucky. A French couple had stopped their car to take some pictures of a bunch of parrots, just a few hundred meters from the gas I started running !!!!
And yes, they took me to Cachi. Wasn't very difficult, was it? :)) Thanks Don Jorge....

one of the numerous little places the bus stopped from Cafayate to Angastaco

If you are a loner, this is the place to one will ever reach you :)

a good alternative too

some stunningly beautiful landscapes.....I want a motorbike NOW !!!!

Reached Molinos, relaxed, at the back seat of a dusty Fiat, so great. Thanks Frenchies :))

pre-Easter celebrations at Molinos. It's hot !

toothpicks anyone???

Next morning breakfast with my saviors at Cachi !
On me of course :)

Cachi deserves a small post of its own, so keep tuned.