Sunday, 8 May 2011

Quebrada de Humahuaca - One of the most amazing places in Argentina

In the Argentinian Northwest province of Jujuy, close to the borders with Bolivia, is one of the most fascinating regions of Argentina. Altitudes are typically from 2.500-4.000 meters and the mother nature has created some landscapes that I have no words to describe.

Just pictures then.....

Llamas are the dominant mammals over here....there are quite big in fact

Asado-man in Tilcara ! He's got the looks :)

Dried cactus "wood" is used extensively in the region, from making handmade sculptures to house roofs 

just to put things into perspective.....not the typical cactus you may have at your house
Tilcara (2.700m) is siting somewhere at the far end. A nice full-day trek

after going up, now have to go down again, to see some beautiful....

......waterfalls. 25-30 meters height...very refreshing

And now, comments !!!!!

Those were some typical street-level pics. For something extraordinary, you need to go a bit the mountain-top just across.

....which involves hiking on that very thin line, all the way to the end. 

....but you get this jaw-dropping view. I wish I had a 21mm lens

Iruya: A well hidden remote village. Buses get there once a day.

Iruya is built exactly at the intersection of two canyons

homework time :)

way back to Humahuaca @ 6am
Must hostels:
- Buritto Hostel in Tilcara 
- Milmahuasi hostel in Iruya

Next, heading on a bit up north, to La Quiaca, the last Argentinian town before getting to Bolivia. 
Just 1km from the border :))