Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sucre - The white capital

The distance from Uyuni to Sucre is not more than 350km but it takes about 8h by bus. The roads are dreadful and you find yourself in a constantly shaking situation. It's kind of fun during the first hour or so, but after that its getting really tiring.

Sucre (at 2.800m elevation) is the official capital of Bolivia, although La Paz is by far the largest city in the country and the basis of all governmental offices. Over the centuries, Sucre has been assigned o number of different names, which has made it also known as the city with the 4 names: Charcas was the initial name of the city, before it was discovered by the Spaniards and renamed to La Plata. In later years it was once again renamed to Chuquisaca and finally Sucre in 1824 in honor of General Don Antonio de Sucre, its 
The other unofficial name given to Sucre is the white will understand from the pics why. But all I can say about Sucre is that is one of those places that make you feel very comfortable from the first moment. It's not only the buildings, but rather the whole atmosphere of the city. I stayed 5 days and could really stay much longer in this incredibly friendly and laid-back place. Scroll down and you'll get my point...

preparations before the....

.....great parade !!!!!

The historic center of Sucre has been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage center for its preserved colonial character

a beer always helps relaxing 

kids always go first and they are very serious....:)

kids go ALWAYS first

Bolivia is the kingdom of potatoes, with over 50 different types

the central market seems chaotic when you walk through, but when you see it from above, it's actually very well organized !!

that's the right way to do it !!

Joyride cafe: No solo para gringos :)

exceptional hand-made textiles, from the indigenous communities of Quechua

I know...too many pictures this time, but I was so excited with Sucre, that I couldn't help it...

Next, I am crossing to Peru and Machu-Pichu....last minute change, as usual :) ....stay tuned