Friday, 11 March 2011

The battle of Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is one of the recent Buenos Aires hotspots and definitely the most crowded touchpoint of the city with Rio de la Plata (a.k.a. River Plate). Some people consider Rio de la Plata being a river while others being part of the Atlantic Ocean. At its widest point has an opening of over 200km, so I wouldn't call it a river; but then again if the locals call it a river, then a river it is. :)

Protected Ecological park in Puerto Madero from Google Earth

Puerto Madero used to be a storage area for the Buenos Aires docks, but during the last 10 years or so, has been transformed to a very posh, spacious area full of hotels, restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

View of the city from the Ecological Park of Puerto Madero

Weather is getting really great lately. Temperature is high during the day but after 6pm it's a real pleasure to walk around in the city. Last night I went for a nice walk at Puerto Madero with Sissy & Martijn (hope didn't misspell your name mate!). 

Sissy comes from Greece and Martijn from Holland; both living in Amsterdam and were just about to fly back home, after having spent two weeks in Argentina. They wanted to have stayed more. See more things. You always want to stay more in this place. Some day they will come back to continue their adventure. Have a safe flight back guys, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Puerto Madero at night. Really beautiful

Old cranes. With the proper painting & lighting
have been transformed into pieces of industrial art

...and all of a sudden a huge 700g boneless "butterfly" stake landed just before my eyes. I was shocked. Couldn't believe it ! 
She had such a viscous look. I understood straight away that the battle was going to be a tough one. I did not hesitate, although I knew from the beginning that would be an unfair fight. She was way too big and strong for me. I looked around, seeking for backing but both Sissy and Martijn were struggling already with their own combats. Not "butterflies", but still quite a fighters.
So, everyone on his own. I had to plan my strategy very carefully. Take it slowly at the beginning and try to hypnotize the beast. That way she would think I would be an easy target. And so the battle begun. I took the first shot and hit her with my knife straight  in the heart. The whole place got full of her blood. That's it, I thought; and I kept cutting her again and again....and again. My strategy was abandoned; I was feeling like a wild animal .....yeah, I'll make it. There is no way she'll escape.... I am so hungry!!!!

Wow, this Malbec wine from Mendoza is so good. Helps in talking nonsense. Already had half a bottle of it....hick! Will take care of the rest, but can't see the keyboard very well any more !!

Buenas noches amigos....hick !