Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Travelling around in Argentina

Didn't do much's been so hot !! So I stayed at the hostel, trying to do some planning of the trip.
Mafalda was born in Buenos Aires by Quino in 1964

First I realized how huge a country Argentina really is. The 8th largest in the world they say, nearly the size of India. The most budget friendly way to travel is by bus. Trains do exist but the network is not that developed, usually are more expensive, slower and with no predictable schedule.
Afternoon nap...:)

But buses are really comfortable, with a lot of space and you can easily sleep while you travel. The question is for how long can you do that? From Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, the southmost town of the country and the whole world, is nearly 3.000km away. In European terms, this means a distance similar to getting from Berlin to Athens. By bus. Not sure if I could stay in a bus for over 40 hours, no matter how comfortable it is. Perhaps I should invest in an air ticket.

Architectural mix that just blends together

Metro is great. It's got character for sure

Lionel Messi, the new Maradona

Street party in Buenos Aires. As simple as that

Equally beautiful at night. Even more I would argue

Music is everywhere, anytime, anyplace !

Tomorrow, my Spanish lessons begin. 4 hours every day for a full week. Let's see to what extend Alzheimer disease has hit me :))