Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 1 - San Telmo

Flight was really tiring, but not much I could do about it. At least I had Ignacio next to me during the flight and gave me some really helpful tips about Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. Thanks mate !!...I am definitely gonna watch a home game of Boca Juniors; but next week, today they are playing away vs. Velez.
... and then that Bostonian guy next door was snoring like a horse all night long :))

Baires has a great atmosphere. It is evident from the first moments. And mostly safe. Finding accommodation was no real issue either at this time of the year. It's end of summer over here, meaning that temperatures top 30 degrees C during the day and evenings are very pleasant.

Av. Defensa - San Telmo

San Telmo Catholic Church

Time for a good coffee

Beautiful Buildings....

....from the colonial era

San Telmo is one of the liveliest and more exciting areas in BA. And every Sunday there is an Antiques' open market on Av. Defensa that is really amazing. You can find nearly everything, from really old silversmith, porcelain and gramophones to cameras, hand made shoes and knives.
First Spanish words: DO NOT TOUCH
3D-TV is not new as we think :)

Everywhere there are places where you  can have a coffee and a snack or a meal at very reasonable prices but with no compromises in quality. Local currency is Argentinian Peso and currently exchange rate goes at 1:5.5 to Euro which is quite favorable for European travelers. Ignacio said that Argentina used to be much cheaper a few years ago. I guess it could still be considered as an affordable destination....don't know for how much longer, so you'd better start putting it high in your travelling agenda.

Lot's of people around, from all over the world. Germany, France, S. Africa, Italy, Holland, name it. You never walk alone in this place.
My Spanish needs improvement though.....have to get from 0 to 1 soon :)))
Av. de Mayo 1370