Friday, 4 March 2011

First post of the journey, last one from Athens

Couldn't imagine it would be so difficult to start writing. Have already deleted the first sentence a dozen of times at least. Ok, so here we go, just a few hours before departing from Athens airport to Mardrid and from there to Buenos Aires, where the real journey begins. Local time is almost 5 pm but the blog should already be switched to BA time.
This whole thing, started as a joke. And it still is to a large extend. Not even a month ago. I am going backpacking to South America I said. Argentina, Chile and a little bit of Uruguay. That's it. A real break. To places I've never been before. To sceneries that I am not familiar with. To a language I don't speak. To people I want to meet. A backpack, my camera and off we go.... a full month's break all alone. Maybe more, who knows? Scary? No, not at all. Exciting? YES!
My packpack (thanks Alex) is sitting on the floor. Still empty. Ha, I should better get moving. Then I need to arrange my accommodation. Last minute arrangements?  Oh, yes...included in the package !

(just realized how much dependent we are on batteries and chargers....sorry Kindle, you have to be left behind. I am gonna miss you for sure.)

Next post will be from Buenos Aires. On Sunday most likely