Thursday, 24 March 2011

U$huaia National Park

My last day in Ushuaia, and I had to visit the national park. It is so heavily advertised, that is one of the must-visit places. It is 12km outside the town, but there was no public bus to get there. Only way would be either by taxi, or by minibus organized by the hostel. So I arranged for the minibus to pick me up from the hostel at 11am and after 20' we were at the entrance of the park. We had fairly detailed maps with us, so we got started after paying an entrance fee. 65 pesos for tourists, 15 for locals....hmmm. Transportation & Entrance total 140 pesos. A bit of a rip-off but anyways....I am getting used to it :)
Not really much to say about the park. Some spectacular views and the constant feeling that you are somewhere far far away from home.

This is the end of my stay in Ushuaia. A highly touristic, expensive (thus the $ sign in the title) place that sometimes falls short of expectations. Tomorrow morning I am getting on the bus for a 15h drive to Puerto first crossing to Chile....bye bye Argentina, for now !!